New Browser Care 3

The perfect app to clean your browser and free up space

Browser Care is an application that allows you to keep your browsers clean and under control since navigating accumulates files on your Mac. Browser Care provides detailed information on each item. It has everything you need to care for your browsers.

Every pixels was designed.

Amazing UI

When I designed new Browser Care, we started with a blank slate that gave us the freedom to imagine something radical, something entirely different. If you never change anything, you can only make small improvements but when you really be changed then you can open up a whole world of design.

Simple to use

Browser Care is the most simple manner to care your browser, Safari, Firefox, Google Chrome and Opera.A button for everything. Take Care of your browser to recover space on your Mac. It doesn't compromise the use of iCloud, Firefox Sync or Google account. Browser Care works perfectly.

Less has never been more.

A glance The icon size of the browser changes according to the used space.
Convenient presets (even for beginners) allow you to expedite all actions.
Browser Care stores the last preset used and saves the last custom care.

Delete basic items

basic preset

Delete all items

complete preset

Delete most used items

custom preset

New OS X El Capitan

OS X El Capitan.

World’s most advanced OS.

Redesigned to cohere with OS X El Capitan look and feel, Browser Care is noticeably faster — up to twice as fast compared to previous versions of Browser Care on OS X Yosemite.

64bit performance retina display notification for Yosemite

The best award from users on Mac App Store.

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Browser Care 3

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